Classic Card Games You Can Play Once You’ve Mastered Poker

If you’ve mastered the art of playing poker and are looking for fun new card games to try out, look no further! There are a host of stimulating and entertaining alternatives available that provide all levels of players with an exciting challenge.

From crazy eights to bridge, we’ll discuss all the different types of classic and modern card games that both poker pros who played in the {{World Series of Poker}}, and casual fans alike can enjoy. Get ready for hours upon hours of competitive rounds as you explore the fantastic card-based experiences these games can offer.

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Cribbage has been around for centuries and is one of the most well-loved card games across many countries. Traditionally, it was played with a deck of 52 cards, but today you can find cribbage boards and customized playing cards for a unique experience.

While it may be historically old, the game is still overwhelmingly popular thanks to its fun, strategy elements, and fast pace. This two-player game requires great skill as players must juggle luck and their expertise to outsmart their opponent. For those looking for a fun challenge, cribbage provides hours of fun each time they pick up the cards.


Blackjack is arguably one of the most popular casino games in brick-and-mortar establishments and online venues. It is a simple yet intense game of comparing card values between a player and the dealer.

Played using at least one deck of standard 52 playing cards, the primary objective of blackjack is to have the player or dealer’s cards reach as close to 21 without exceeding it to win the hand. This game of chance is sometimes referred to as “21” and can be played with multiple players simultaneously.

Despite many misconceptions within certain circles, the basic strategy is essential for any blackjack enthusiast looking to turn a profit – thereby making even experienced gamblers take heed when gambling on this beloved card game.

Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is a card game that dates back centuries but remains popular today. It is easy enough to be enjoyed by people of all ages and is considered a family game.

Each player receives five cards from the standard deck to play this game. The objective is to be the first to discard all of one’s cards by matching either suit or rank with the top card on the discard pile. Players must strive to obtain higher ranks for their cards, as these will allow them greater flexibility in discarding them.

Moreover, notable exceptions apply to give some players an extra edge in the game. Crazy Eights offers an entertaining alternative to poker and should stretch your cognitive muscles in exciting ways.

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Spades is an intriguing yet challenging game that masters who play poker should consider trying out. It’s a fast-paced trick-taking game usually played with two teams of two players, each attempting to take more tricks than the opposing team to win the round.

The rules are relatively simple since spades rely heavily on the player’s bluffing skills, but making successful bids and discovering when an opponent is bluffing could be challenging to master. Spades would certainly be a great choice if you’re already knowledgeable in poker and looking for a new card game to conquer.


If you’re confident in your poker skills and ready to move on to something different, then hearts might be the perfect game for you. It’s classic and simple to learn yet deliciously strategic simultaneously.

The game is played with four players. The goal of hearts is to collect as few ‘hearts’ as possible; if you don’t get any ‘hearts,’ you don’t get any penalty points.

But beware; the Queen of Spades is treacherous, as their capture results in big penalty points that may well change the course of the game. If you’re feeling lucky, you can ‘shoot the moon’, by collecting all of the hearts and the queen, reversing the point penalty against all of the other players, instead! If you get the hang of playing this game, it might become one of your favorite card games.


Euchre is an exciting card game requiring players to take the most tricks strategically. Renowned for its fast-paced gameplay and easy-to-learn rules, most people usually play this trick-taking game with 4 players divided into two teams of two.

While a deck of only 24 cards is typically used, special Euchre decks containing 28 or 32 cards can be used since they commonly feature two copies of every card between 9s and Aces.

After the first 5 cards are dealt, each player can change suits or accept trump during their turn at bidding. These elements combine to form a competitive and mentally stimulating card game that can quickly bring hours of gaming pleasure.


Rummy is a beloved card game that has been around for centuries. Having originated either in China or Mexico and very popular in India, this classic game is favored by poker enthusiasts of all ages due to its unique combination of strategizing and luck.

Players take turns drawing and discarding cards from a deck to form “melds”; the goal is to achieve points by either laying down the entire hand during your turn or scoring points when your opponents cannot discard all of their cards in subsequent rounds.

The rummy game has remained a fun and engaging experience since it was first popularized with constant set changes and new tactics being developed.

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The bridge has been around for centuries and is a favorite among gamers looking for something new after mastering poker. The game is commonly played with four players, divided into two partnerships.

Each player is dealt thirteen cards from a standard 52-card deck, and the bidding begins. Bridge partnerships must weave together their resources, working to secure the majority of tricks during that hand.

It’s an incredibly strategic game with infinite possibilities every round, making it an engaging and exciting game to play. Players who enjoy poker will enjoy the bridge’s unique features as they finesse their way to victory over their opponents.


Whether a poker pro looking for a new challenge or a beginner seeking something fun, these seven card games will keep you entertained for hours. With the right group of people and the necessary supplies, you can guarantee that your next game night will be an unforgettable experience. So get out those cards and start playing.

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